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Patt & Milledge Hart are ready to help you break free of the limitations you may have set up as roadblocks in your mind. Ready to break down these barriers? The Harts have founded the Resolutionist Community where retirees can feel empowered to continue their personal growth after leaving their full-time working environment. You don’t have to necessarily volunteer or invest more – just open yourself up to new possibilities and push yourself to reach for the better in life (whatever your “better” may look like). You may be thinking – well I don’t know where to begin. Enter Patti and Millegde Hart & Their book The Resolutionist— Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement is a great starting point to dive into understanding their “anti-retirement” mindset.

But just learning principles isn’t quite enough to make real, lasting change that can enhance your lifestyle. That’s why the Harts have founded the Resolutionist Community which is a safe haven to discuss these principles while also providing you with the tools and resources needed to help you determine what path works best for you. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Now is the time to try something new without the fear of failure!

The Harts are here to guide you in ways that can help you attain the life you want, help marry your passions, while aiding you in creating or maintaining a healthy, active life. Join the Resolutionist Community today and start downloading free resources!

You are cordially invited to join our community of Resolutionists. We are a group of kindred spirits who enjoy actively sharing, learning, and embracing our post-profession Resolutionist status. Our private community participates in both virtual and in-person gatherings, where we support and encourage fellow Resolutionists through life’s twists and turns. As our connective collective grows stronger, so does our community voice. Member endeavors are promoted, photos and videos are shared, elevator pitches are refined, and we get comfortable with the uncomfortable together. This community exists to provide engagement on a wide range of topics all geared towards supporting and adding fulfillment to your personal journey. Our vision is to connect like-minded individuals while encouraging a positive, constructive lifestyle filled with plenty of growth, adventure and laughter. It is our great hope that you share in this vision and accept our invitation.

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