Re-frame Your Mindset Post-Career

Patti & Milledge Hart are helping retirees redefine their lives after leaving full-time careers. They share their expertise as living examples of their teachings now as authors, mentors, and leaders in continuing to build a life filled with engagement and growth as you venture into your golden years.
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Patti and Milledge Hart

Patti & Milledge Hart

Anti-Retirement Leaders | Authors | Resolutionists

Patti & Milledge Hart have spent decades as top executives in their respective fields but now they bring their thought leadership and guidance to a new audience – retirees! The Harts are transforming the lives of those leaving a full-time working environment by encouraging them to leverage resources and tools to become more fulfilled in their later years. Patti & Milledge invite you to join their Resolutionist movement and become more engaged in your life. Their resolutions encourage you to toss out any preconceived notions about the word — retirement — and to make small changes to improve your health, happiness and confidence knowing that now is the time to reach for more!

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The Resolutionist

Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement

Patti & Milledge Hart have poured themselves and their teachings into their book The Resolutionist— Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement. Their book is a great foundation to begin your journey towards a better life. They share real-life experiences and pose questions and challenges that can be applied to your own life in an effort to enact real change and improvement.

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The Resolutionist Community

Change can be scary, but nothing worth having is attained without some minor inconveniences or mild discomfort. You may think, ‘life after leaving your career is the time to slow down’ — well, becoming a Resolutionist doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have time for some much-deserved rest and relaxation, but instead challenges you to continue improving your life, your level of engagement, and overall fulfillment towards enhancing your lifestyle and health. Join the Resolutionist Community today and immediately be connected to free resources, tools, and tips.

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