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Patti and. Milledge Hart

Patti & Milledge Hart

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Patti and Milledge Hart are living examples of how to embrace a Resolutionist lifestyle through their willingness to learn and grow post-career. They champion an “anti-retirement” lifestyle by sharing their thoughts, tools, and time to help others shake up their mindset surrounding the word “retirement”. Previously, both Patti and Milledge Hart have enjoyed executive positions in the corporate world, where they had the opportunity to engage and challenge others. Now they bring their leadership experience and constructive attitudes to their new role as authors of their book The Resolutionist— Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement. While they are quite the power couple, they’re also highly esteemed for their individual work contributions as well.

Milledge Hart

Milledge A. Hart

Milledge Hart is a Dallas native, where playing high school football and becoming an Eagle Scout were expected. Milledge began his overachievement early, becoming an Eagle Scout before the age of fifteen and having his godfather, Ross Perot, present him with his medal commemorating the accomplishment.

Milledge was blessed with many gifts in life. His father, Mitch Hart, gave him the gift of “not being afraid to set the bar high.” His Grandmother gave him the gift of respecting discipline and the benefits of a regimented life. And Duke University gave him the gift of an education far beyond the classroom, where he began to realize what was possible.

Following his collegiate years, Milledge moved to two new worlds—New York City and investment banking. Both would later become foundational parts of his future. The next step in his journey was to gain operational experience. A better understanding of his clients was eye-opening and would prove to be valuable as he made his way to California to, ultimately, form a new investment bank with several partners. But this time he could approach his work with his client’s priorities in mind.

Milledge credits much of his success to the advice and counsel he received from others and chose, through his leadership at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and involvement with the Young Presidents’ Organization, to “pay it forward.”

Personally, Milledge had never seen himself becoming a parent but, as we know, life is full of surprises! He has embraced his role as one of the many parents to Patti’s son and has found it to be one of the most challenging but most rewarding parts of his life.

As a newly minted Resolutionist, Milledge enjoys the diversity of his portfolio: working through charitable organizations to make the world a better place while still advancing corporate activities in a variety of industries.

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Patti S. Hart

Patti Hart

Patti Hart spent her early life in a small town in Illinois cheering for her Chicago Cubs, going to public schools and sharing chores with her many siblings. Her role models were in the most unlikely places—her high school teacher who pushed for organized girls sports and won—her grandmother—a woman ahead of her time in strength and resolve—and her guitar instructor, who was unafraid to take center stage in a business dominated by men. Though life was not always easy, it was filled with laughter, hugs, support, and challenges.

Patti was fortunate to find her way into the telecommunications industry at a time when no one could have predicted the growth and change that lay ahead. Several promotions and numerous relocations later, she found herself in places she never thought she would go. She took risks and defied the odds to enjoy a career that spanned three decades of leadership positions in the technology sector and was honored to be a member of Fortune Magazine’s inaugural list of “Most Powerful Women” in 1998.

Patti has worn many professional hats: CEO, Chairman, Board Member, Investor and Advisor but is most proud of her personal life as: wife, mother, sister, daughter, neighbor, and friend. As an adult, she has called many cities home and found each place to offer wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.

She has always valued community involvement and has dedicated her free time to advancing the arts, human rights, and “sport for all.”

Patti is a proud alumna of Illinois State University and counts herself as a lifetime “Redbird.” She was named ISU’s Distinguished Alumni in 2015.

In her “retired but engaged” stage of life, this Resolutionist splits her time between the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the intellect of Silicon Valley.

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