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The Resolutionist— Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement

You’ve probably already measured whether you were financially ready to retire, but have you thought about what you’ll do with your time post-career? Do you know how you’ll fill your days? Do you have things that bring you joy? Resolutionist leaders Patti and Milledge Hart dislike the word “retirement” because it is often associated with negative responses from a generation who has found a sense of purpose and satisfaction in working full-time. The Harts have taken their own experiences and written their book The Resolutionist— Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement to share with retirees around the world.

This handbook is not only filled with real-life stories, lessons, and micro-challenges, but also helps its readers envision and work to achieve a better reality post-career. The Harts help readers alter their views from seeing retirement as a time of slow decline to instead a period of choosing to find and engage with your passions. This could mean taking time for peaceful reflection or it could be an opportunity to seek progressive challenges or experience new things.

Each resolutionist chapter ends with a workbook-style “give it a try” practice. These easy-to-follow ideas, principles, and challenges aren’t meant to intimidate you but rather help you increase your self confidence by giving you pride in how you fill your days. The Harts only request? Read it with an open-mind without fear of failure! Purchase your copy of The Resolutionist— Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement today and begin improving your livelihood, health, and happiness.

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